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Chart Reviews from an Attorney's Perspective

State Boards are not focused on harm. They're looking for violations of the State Practice Act. If they want to sanction or punish a doctor, they have ample opportunities that have nothing to do with the particular case or care provided. Charts and chart notes are often at the center of the issue. 

We are proud to present the Aegis Chart and Peer Review. For a flat rate every year, we will review a sampling of charts, and provide feedback from an attorney's point of view. 

Program & Fees:

For $950, Aegis Lion will review 5 patient charts for you - from welcome paperwork to chart notes.


This personalized review also serves as a qualified chart & peer review. Enrollment in this program will include information on how you may be able to establish a corporate shield with your small business. A qualified chart review is a key component in an NPDB exempt reporting classification.

To learn more about the Chart Review Program, please leave us a message below:

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