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Business Consultations

Hiring A Lawyer Can Be Intimidating

Clients don’t like to pay without knowing what they will get and what it will cost. Understandable. Lawyers don’t like to talk to clients without knowing that they will get paid. Understandable. Where do we go from here?

I offer fixed-fee business law consultations for exactly this reason. Consultations generally run 1-2 hours and may be booked at my office, by phone, or by video conference.

I will review your questions, identify legal considerations, help you determine business priorities, and offer you options for moving forward. In many cases, a consultation is all you need. In other cases, we can refer you to specialists or confirm pricing for additional work.


If you would like us to review documents as part of the consultation, please bring them to the meeting or email them along in advance. While I will make comments and provide feedback, I will not make detailed edits to an agreement within a consultation. Our review of the documents will be limited to the consultation itself. If you require a detailed contract or lease review, we can confirm pricing after seeing the documents.

What can we cover?

Purchasing or selling your practice?

Starting a new business?

Thinking about incorporating your business?

Forming a partnership?

Preparing an exit strategy?

Confirming the rights and obligations of co-founders?

Hiring staff?

Opening a satellite office?

Taking on new investment?

Need independent legal advice?

Need an existing DIY legal agreement reviewed?

Filling gaps within your corporate records?

What are corporate records?

All of the above?

Let's get started

To book your small business legal consultation, please submit our client intake form. From there, I will prepare a short legal services agreement confirming my costs and the scope of the services to be delivered.

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