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Your legal team.

Aegis Lion Law Firm was created with the belief that there was a better way to coordinate tax planning, transactions, and estate planning.


As an elite tax advisory and business law firm, we coordinate taxes and transactions to give you clarity. Our team understands the importance of sound tax planning and provides tailored solutions to meet our clients’ tax needs.


Outcome-focused Tax Advisory


Meet Alphonso Anderson, the legal and financial guru who's got the brains and the charm to take on the toughest tax questions. With a background in accounting and law, Alphonso knows his numbers and his legal jargon, making him the perfect person to help you navigate the confusing world of taxes. 


Alphonso has worked for over ten years defending individuals and corporations in IRS audits and collection procedures throughout the country. He has represented everyone from small business owners to truck drivers, construction workers, and CEOs of corporations. He has extensive knowledge of the tax laws and regulations as it relates to individual, corporate, and employment taxes. He has litigated tax matters before several US Tax Courts including Texas and Missouri. In mastering the field, Alphonso sought and received his Legal Law Masters in Tax in 2013.

But don't let his impressive credentials and financial know-how fool you - Alphonso is more than just a numbers guy. He's also got a sense of humor that'll leave you in stitches, whether he's cracking a joke about tax brackets or explaining the difference between a W-2 and a 1099.


So if you want to keep more of your hard-earned money and have a good laugh while doing it, give Alphonso a call. He's the attorney with a head for numbers and a heart for humor, and he'll have you feeling financially savvy and smiling in no time!



Innovative Solutions


Meet Benjamin T. Dyches, DDS, JD, the multi-talented mastermind who brings the best of both worlds to his work as a healthcare tax law expert. With a dental degree and a law degree under his belt, Ben has more letters after his name than a bowl of alphabet soup.

When he's not busy defending professional licenses, you can find Ben channeling his inner dentist by filling cavities with legal jargon and extracting contractual complexities. He's a man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty, whether he's drilling into a tough tax issue or flossing away an argument in court.

Despite his impressive dual credentials, Ben is surprisingly down-to-earth and approachable. He'll put you at ease with his winning smile and ability to talk about anything from molar ratios to Miranda rights. So if you need help navigating the tricky waters of healthcare tax law, give Ben a call. He's the legal eagle with a toothy grin who'll have you flossing your way to financial success in no time!


Estate & Transactional Plans


Introducing Nicholas Misenti, the financial and legal virtuoso who can make your tax headaches disappear faster than a magician's rabbit. With a degree in accounting and a law degree, Nicholas is the perfect person to help you plan your estate and save money on taxes.

When he's not poring over spreadsheets or drafting legal documents, you can find Nicholas coming up with clever ways to help his high-net-worth clients save money on taxes. He's like a superhero with a calculator, always swooping in to save the day with his tax deferral trusts and other financial wizardry.

But don't let his impressive credentials and financial savvy fool you - Nicholas is also a funny guy who loves to make his clients laugh. Whether he's cracking a joke about the estate tax or explaining the nuances of the gift tax, he's sure to put a smile on your face.

So if you want to protect your assets and keep more of your money, give Nicholas a call. He's the attorney who can save you money and put a smile on your face, and he'll have you feeling financially secure and laughing all the way to the bank!



Outcomes matter.

They can't be guaranteed, but they matter to you and to us. We work to vigorously protect our clients' interests.

Practice Transaction

Represented orthodontic practice in OSO transaction. Negotiated increased multiple (+2x) ,additional doctor protections.



High-net-worth divorce, drafted trust vehicles to protect high value assets. Successfully protected our client's interest.

Capital Gains Taxes

Client sold business for $10M+. Coordinated all parties to establish an Aegis Tax Deferral Trust saving the client over $2M in taxes.

State Board License

Brought expertise to the evaluation to identify errors in initial Board evaluation, client receives modified 'no findings' result.


Take their word for it.

"He has been wonderful to work with during difficult and stressful circumstances.  By being able to help me stay calm and offering wise counsel, he has guided me through challenging circumstances and accomplished very positive outcomes."  


"He listened to my concerns, provided me with timely and thoughtful analysis, made recommendations, managed my expectations, helped with negotiations, and guided me through this dispute. The result was that he helped me through this challenge and the outcome was better than I expected."

Alan Peet, DDS

Olympic Peninsula Oral Surgery

"I am extremely grateful to him for his caring, nonjudgmental nature, and the way he was able to encourage, support and help me to continue to feel hope when emotions and discouragement were weighing me down.  I would definitely recommend his services and count him as an extremely important legal and professional advisor in my professional life.  You have made a huge impact on my life and the future of my family!" 

Nathan Tanner, DDS, FAGD

Tanner Dentistry

Hear it from our clients
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