Contract Reviews

Contracts, like all legal documents, can be intimidating. We will review your contracts, of whatever kind, check them for any signs of trouble, and help you to understand what you are agreeing to. 

Starting a New Practice

Starting your own new practice is an adventure. We have plenty of experience dealing with new practices: we can help you make sure you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and get the best start possible to this next chapter of your career.

Practice Purchase and Sales

Purchasing or selling a practice is a lengthy and complicated process. We are happy to help you to ensure that all of your goals are accomplished as you navigate through that undertaking.

National Practitioner Data Bank Consultation

We know that the NPDB can be public enemy number 1 for healthcare professionals. We can help you to navigate the NPDB reporting process, draft letters and responses, and minimize the effect an NPDB report will have on your career

State Board Representation

Not all malpractice insurance providers offer State Board representation. We have the experience needed to minimize, or even eliminate, the consequences of a State Board investigation. Depending on which state you practice in, we can help you to prepare to face the Board, and defend yourself and your ability to practice medicine. 

Estate Planning

Nobody likes to think about what happens after they will pass away, but it is vital to be prepared. We are very experienced in preparing trusts, wills, and other estate planning documents. We will gladly assist you in getting your estate in order before the need arises.

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