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The Aegis Tax Deferral Trust

If you're selling a valuable asset like a property or business, The Aegis Tax Deferral Trust may offset capital gains taxes using IRC §453. The result can yield significant tax savings.  

Preferred Installment Trust Partner

The Attorneys at Aegis Lion are proud to be the preferred Installment Trust partner for The Fortune Law Firm clients. The Fortune Law Firm makes wealth-building and asset-protection strategies accessible to its clients.

Maximize Your Investment with the ATDT

When selling a high-value asset, it's not just about managing your capital gains tax; it’s about optimizing the full potential of your investment. The ATDT Deferred Sales Trust won't eliminate your tax bill, but it can be deferred, allowing you to invest the entire amount immediately.

Aegis Lion attorneys focus on taking the heavy lifting out of complex legal tax planning. We start with a no-charge consultation to explain the process and determine whether the ATDT is a potential fit for your scenario. 

1. Establishing the Aegis Tax Deferral Trust (ATDT)

To qualify for an ATDT, sellers must own high-value assets with significant capital gains potential, such as real estate or closely-held businesses. The process begins with selecting a qualified trustee experienced in managing such trusts, ensuring compliance with legal regulations. Establishing an ATDT requires two main legal documents: the Trust Agreement, which outlines the trust’s terms and the trustee’s responsibilities, and the Installment Sale Agreement, which details the terms of the deferred sale, including purchase price and payment structure.

2. Mechanics of the Aegis Tax Deferral Trust

Once the trust is legally established and the asset transferred, the trustee sells it on behalf of the trust. The proceeds from this sale are then reinvested into a diversified portfolio of assets, ranging from stocks to real estate, creating a sustainable source of income. This setup allows for the deferral of capital gains tax, spreading the tax liability over the duration of the Installment Sale Agreement rather than incurring it in the sale year. This strategic management not only preserves capital but also enhances potential returns through reinvestment.

3. Financial Benefits and Distribution

ATDT offers flexible payment structures tailored to the seller’s financial needs, including interest-only payments or combined principal and interest payments. These can be disbursed monthly, quarterly, or annually, based on the seller’s preference. The deferred payments allow sellers to potentially lower their immediate tax burden, spread their tax liabilities over time, and possibly even reduce their overall tax rate. Additionally, the structure of these payments ensures that capital remains productive, with the deferred tax amount working to generate further income, thereby optimizing financial outcomes over the long term.


Dental Practice Transaction

The practice transacted for $5,000,000. Rather than receiving the entire sale proceeds upfront and facing a hefty capital gains tax, the orthodontist chose to defer the taxes and spread the income over a longer period using the trust.

The practice seller is taxed on the profit from the sale only when he receives an installment payment from the trust. Thus, in years 1 and 2, no taxes are due on the profit from the sale. The $1,190,000 in taxes that would have gone to the federal government were invested for two years at a 10% annual return, yielding $238,000 ($119,000 per year). This investment return is taxed as any investment return is taxed. 

By deferring the payments, the orthodontist reduced his tax bracket and tax rate, resulting in significant tax savings. The trust funds were used to purchase additional assets, such as real estate or stocks, further diversifying his portfolio.

Immediate Tax Deferral

Instead of an immediate loss to taxes, the $1,190,000 that would have gone to taxes was invested, generating an additional $238,000 over two years through strategic investments. 

Enhanced Investment Returns

Over the initial two years, the orthodontist enjoyed a net investment gain of $181,356 after taxes, thanks to the deferred payment structure of the trust, compounding the benefits over time.

Long-term Financial Planning

From the third year onwards, the trust distributed $500,000 annually, enabling ongoing savings on taxes and investment gains. In just the third year, the practice seller realized an additional net gain of $81,610 after taxes.

An Aegis Tax Deferral Trust is a strategic financial tool designed for sellers of high-value assets like real estate or businesses. It allows sellers to defer capital gains taxes by transferring their assets into a trust, which then sells these assets on their behalf. The proceeds are reinvested into various income-producing investments, providing the seller with a steady stream of payments over time while effectively managing tax liabilities.

Understanding Aegis Tax Deferral Trusts:
A Guide for Sellers

First, ensure you meet the criteria for an Aegis Tax Deferral Trust by owning assets like real estate or businesses that have significant potential for capital gains.

Determine Eligibility

From asset protection to compliance with state and federal regulations, we provide peace of mind that potential financial risks are managed proactively.

Risk Management

Every financial strategy we develop is personalized, combining our legal and tax expertise to fit your specific situation, ensuring optimal outcomes for your practice’s growth and your personal wealth.

Customized Strategies

Unlike other financial services that require you to coordinate multiple consultants and service providers, we offer a comprehensive suite under one roof—reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

Select a Trustee and Prepare Documents

An Aegis Tax Deferral Trust allows sellers to defer capital gains taxes by transferring their assets into a trust, which then sells these assets on their behalf. The proceeds are reinvested into various income-producing investments, providing the seller with a steady stream of payments over time while effectively managing tax liabilities.

Key Steps in the Aegis Tax Deferral Trust

With our in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector and tax law, we confidently guarantee tax savings that at least match, and most often exceed, the cost of our services. Our expertise pays for itself.

Tax Savings Guarantee

The trustee reinvests the sale proceeds into diversified investments. You will receive payments according to the agreed structure, which can be either interest-only or a combination of principal and interest, providing a steady income while deferring taxes.

Reinvest and Receive Payments

Officially transfer the ownership of your asset to the trust, which will then handle the sale to a buyer, effectively placing the asset under the trust's control

Transfer the Asset

Choose a qualified trustee experienced in managing these trusts and prepare the necessary legal documents, including a Trust Agreement and an Installment Sale Agreement.

Select a Trustee and Prepare Documents



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Real Estate Transaction

A real estate investor sold a property for $15 million. Instead of facing hefty immediate capital gains taxes by accepting the full sale amount, the seller strategically received $5 million upfront and allocated the remaining $10 million to an Aegis Lion Tax Deferral Trust.


This move deferred taxes on the $10 million, which otherwise would have incurred approximately $2.38 million in taxes (at a 23.8% rate). The deferred funds were invested, yielding an annual return of 10% or $238,000 before taxes. This approach not only reduced the investor's tax bracket and rate but also allowed for reinvestment in diverse assets, enhancing the portfolio beyond traditional real estate holdings.


By choosing the Deferred Sales Trust over a 1031 exchange, the investor benefited from greater investment flexibility and improved cash flow management, tailoring financial strategies to meet long-term goals.

Strategic Tax Deferral

By placing $10 million in the Aegis Lion Tax Deferral Trust, the investor deferred approximately $2.38 million in capital gains taxes.

Increased Investment Flexibility and Returns

Unlike a 1031 exchange, the Deferred Sales Trust allowed for the $10 million to be invested in a diversified portfolio, enhancing returns through exposure to different asset classes. 

Enhanced Long-Term Wealth Accumulation

Over the extended term of the trust, the compounded returns on the reinvested $10 million significantly enhance wealth accumulation. For instance, reinvesting the annual returns at the same rate compounds the investor’s gains, providing a substantial revenue stream over time.

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