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When we put pen to paper for our clients, we do so with intent, focused on the big picture. Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services to you, our client, that are creative, clever, unique, and strategic.

Our law firm philosophy is simple: we believe in the golden rule. We want our clients to be treated in the same way as we would want to be treated if we were clients.

Our focus is not on the amount of time spent on a matter, but rather on the quality and efficiency of the services provided and the results obtained.

What We Do

We are a niche law firm, focused squarely on the intersection of business, tax, estate planning, and healthcare law. We serve a wide array of clients. Representative clients include small to medium-sized businesses, dentists, doctors, clinics, and hospitals. We have built our reputation on zealous representation of our clients and providing top-notch service.


How can we help?
There's plenty to do, especially if you're purchasing a practice or planning your taxes.

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Licensed in Utah and Nevada


Licensed in Texas and Oklahoma

I am a Utah-based denttorney (dentist-attorney). My legal areas of focus are just about anything in the healthcare-business world. In particular, setting up practices, assisting with practice sales, employment contracts, and patient or state board issues. I also work with other lawyers and law firms to help them represent healthcare professionals.

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I am a Texas-based attorney with an advanced tax law degree (LL.M). My legal areas of focus are entity structures, tax consulting, IRS controversy, and specialized trusts and estate planning. I also work with accounting firms to help them with IRS audits and appeals.

I have utilized Ben’s services as a dental practice lawyer reviewing leases and contracts in the past.  Recently, I contacted him because of a partnership dispute that included the threat of litigation.   He listened to my concerns, provided me with timely and thoughtful analysis, made recommendations, managed my expectations, helped with negotiations, and guided me through this dispute.  His background and experiences as a dentist as well as his taking a personal interest in my success were invaluable.  The result was that he helped me through this challenge and the outcome was better than I expected.   I recommend Ben because of his personal expertise and understanding of the legal and practical aspects of running a dental practice; he is uniquely qualified to assist with legal issues that arise in our practices.

- Alan Peet, DDS (OMS)

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